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Can A Wedding Planner Save You Money? Let’s Find out!

At first, hiring a wedding planner may seem like a luxury. Naturally, it is a great idea to hire someone who can make your big day as smooth as possible, but how much will they cost? In fact, wedding planners can help you save more money, especially when you’re on a budget. That being said, let’s find out how a wedding planner can be a great investment on your wedding day.

You Get Vendor Discounts

Something you might not know about wedding planners is that they spend a lot of time building relationships and connections with vendors to help their brides get the most reasonable prices. Your planner can usually get you a 10-15% discount. It may not seem like much, but when you’re paying thousands of pounds, it really makes a difference!

Best Vendors and Service

Wedding planners work hard on bringing repeated businesses to trusted vendors to impress their clients. This means that your wedding planner can provide you with exactly what you want based on your budget, style, and personality. They know where to go and who fits and suits your needs best.

More Accessible Venues

This might be shocking news to you, but some venues reject couples who don’t have a planner because it is easier for them to deal with one person who knows exactly what they’re hired for. Some venues require the couple to have a wedding planner to make all the reservations, otherwise, they turn the couple down. This option may not save you money, but surely will get you your dream wedding location.

Reasonable Fees

Regardless of how planners charge for their services whether by having a certain percentage of your budget or a flat fee, the cost of hiring a wedding planner is still reasonable. Your wedding planner doesn’t only make arrangements with hotels and book venues, but they can also be responsible for producing everything at your wedding so all the details can match. Some planners can be responsible for lighting and in-house design, which can save you some money and ensure that everything is taken care of promptly.

Keeps Track of Your Budget

There is no easy way to say this; staying on budget is extremely hard, especially when planning your dream wedding. As a bride, you get overly excited about some details you want to include on your big day. However, your wedding planner will always alert you when things go out of control. They will tell you honestly what you need to spend more on and what can be done without.

Saves Time Too

Planning your wedding, buying items on your bridal list, and having a full-time job always manage to occupy most of your time, if not all, and slow down your necessary wedding preparations. However, your planner can take care of all the preparations while you’re sitting back or doing other things. Since your planner will be responsible for the entire planning process, you will have a lot of free time on your hands to practice skin and hair care routines or do whatever makes you comfortable and relaxed.


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