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Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids!

Your bridesmaids will stand by your side throughout the wedding planning process and will do their best to make this special occasion more fun. They will turn any difficulty or problem you may face into an enjoyable experience, help you get through inevitable family drama, support you while making difficult decisions, and share beautiful moments with you, making the planning phase less hectic. For all these reasons, they deserve to receive special gifts from you that show how much you appreciate and value them. That said, read on for some great bridesmaids’ gift ideas.

Customized Necklaces

While buying ordinary accessories for your bridal team might be nice, customized ones show that you truly care. You can go for customized necklaces and choose whichever design you like. You can have golden pendants with their names, initials, or zodiac signs on them.


Cute pajamas made especially for them with their names printed on them are great gifts. If you don’t want to go with prints, you can choose pajamas in their favorite colors. When it comes to choosing the material, you can choose it according to the season. Buy silky, smooth pajamas in the summertime and stick to wool or fleece when it’s wintertime.

Scented Candles

After the long, tiring process of planning your wedding, your bridesmaids will need to sit back and relax. What’s more relaxing than taking a bath surrounded by scented candles? Try to give each of your bridesmaids a candle or set of candles with their preferred scents.

Skincare Set

Nothing makes women happier than pampering themselves. Take this chance to pamper your bridesmaids and get them each a skincare set that can include from 3-5 items to fully take care of their skin and spoil themselves.

Customized Hairclips

It will be very thoughtful of you to ask your headpiece designer to create customized hairclips for each of your bridesmaids. They will appreciate the gift and know that you really care. Go for colorful customized hairclips that can have their names, initials, or zodiac signs.

Personalized Journal

Jotting down private thoughts and feelings on a customized journal doesn’t get any more personal! Your bridesmaids will surely love this thoughtful gift that can have their initials, birthdate, or name printed on it.

Travel Jewelry Case

Save your bridesmaids the trouble of traveling with their accessories scattered everywhere and buy each one of them a travel jewelry case. This gift is practical as well as chic. If jewelry cases are too plain for your taste, you can fill them up with a few jewelry pieces.

Spa Basket

If you’re into DIY projects, shower your bridesmaids with all-natural spa products. Ideally, the spa basket should contain a body scrub and moisturizing cream. You can also include a towel, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, loofah, or anything you know your friends may like.


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