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Untraditional Bridal Footwear for Quirky Brides!

Whether you choose comfort over style or want to go for something crazy, you have plenty of options when it comes to your bridal footwear. Classic white heels will always remain a bride’s go-to. However, sometimes, it is nice to break some rules and go for peculiar choices. That said, read on to know more about untraditional footwear options on your wedding day.

Pastel Pink Flats

If you want to combine comfort and elegance, a feminine pair of pastel pink flats are what you’re looking for. Pink is one of the colors that adds femininity and delicacy to any woman, so wearing it on your big day will make you look more elegant as well as comfortable, especially if you don’t like wearing pumps.


Another option that draws more attention to the bride is a pair of white sneakers. Not only are sneakers comfy and edgy, but they also can give you a sporty look that perfectly matches your personality and free soul. Since you’re going to spend hours dancing on your wedding day, it is important to pay attention to your comfort. Brides who are not used to wearing heels find bridal sneakers an excellent alternative.

Edgy Boots

If you want to show the edgy part of your personality, you can go with edgy boots. Additionally, to show off your exceptional boots, you can go with a short or midi wedding dress to complete the look. In case you will go for this option, you may as well choose an unconventional color that’s not too odd. Shades of white, nude, or cream can be awesome choices.

Beaded Boots

For winter weddings, beaded boots can be both season-appropriate as well as chic and unique. You may not find them in all bridal shoe stores, but some shoe designers have a distinctive variety of beaded boots that can match your style.

Colorful Sandal

Colorful, floral sandals are the perfect fit for a bohemian ceremony. They can also work brilliantly for a garden summer celebration. Some brides like to add a bit of color to their wedding, be it in their gowns or shoes. If plain white is too dull for you, these sandals will be an excellent choice.

Transparent Heels

Transparent shoes are super trendy this season. So, if you want to keep up with fashion and wear the latest thing, go for this option. You’re free to choose all-transparent pumps or opt for rose gold shoes with transparent heels.


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