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Fatma Bahgat: Brides’ Sweetheart and Beloved Makeup Artist!

If you need a fun, gorgeous, talented, and supportive makeup artist to glam you up on your wedding day, Fatma Bahgat is the one you’re looking for. Her charming charisma, stunning looks, and amazing talent make her the fabulous makeup artist that she is. Don’t be surprised when you see Fatma on the big screen as she looks like a cinema star. We were happy to do an interview with her, where she answered our questions about her career and personal interests, so keep reading to know more about Fatma Bahgat.

              When did you start your makeup career?

I started my career 11 years ago.

             What made you want to become a makeup artist?

I’ve always been obsessed with makeup packaging and designs. Also, I was always curious about how some people apply kajal eyeliner that doesn’t melt.

            What are the challenges you face as a makeup artist?

The main challenge that I face in this industry is physical pain, such as backaches and neck pain. Possibly, all makeup artists face the same issue.

             What are your other hobbies?

I am into sports and Salsa dancing.

            if you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you be?

I’ve always wanted to be an actress.

           If there is only one makeup product you cannot live without, what would it be?

I cannot live without Blusher.

            What is your signature trick or look?

My signature look or trick is that when my brides look at themselves in the mirror, they still see themselves as is. Their features remain the same; however, they look enhanced.

            Who did your makeup on your wedding day?

Mahmoud Morshed did my wedding makeup.

            What is the most important advice you give to your brides?

Don’t overdo anything and don’t stress yourself over the preparations and setup because your vibe and energy are what make your wedding fun and happy.

            How long does it take you to apply a bridal makeup look?

Applying bridal makeup takes me from an hour and a half to two hours.

            Do you provide makeup trials for your brides?

No, I don’t provide trials because the bride and I fully discuss the exact look that she’s looking for. I am also very flexible so I apply the makeup step-by-step so that the bride can see every step at a time in the mirror and if she doesn’t like something, I change it on the spot.

           What is the funniest situation you had with one of your brides?

Back when COVID-19 was spreading and there were curfews, I was alone with a bride doing her makeup (her family and friends weren’t there yet) and she fell asleep on the chair. I kept waking her up, but she was deeply asleep.

           What are the makeup trends for 2022?

Glowy skin, pink blusher, thin eyeliner, colorful eyeliner, glossy lips, and bare skin.

           Who is your dream celebrity that you would love to glam up?

Arab celebrity: Sherihan and Queen Rania.

International: JLo, Angeline Jolie, Julia Roberts, and Kylie Jenner.


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